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mindfulness program for executives

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Mindfulness program for Executives


Restore. Integrate. Shift. Elevate.

Encourage your employees to RISE to the experience!  The R.I.S.E. mindfulness program was developed to be implemented at your workplace, tailored to your and your employees' needs.

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R.I.S.E. was developed by Joanna in order to bring the calming peace of yoga to the corporate world, particularly for high-stress executives. With a background in research psychology, educational psychology, mindfulness, and yoga teacher trainings, Joanna designed R.I.S.E. to encourage and optimize employee performance. R.I.S.E. is anchored in the science and practice of meditation, brought to life by the experiential touch of yoga. The crux of the program has foci on:

  • RESTORE: teaching employees to return to their calm internal awareness

  • INTEGRATE: train employees to use mindfulness techniques when are under stress

  • SHIFT: encourage executives and employees to promote stress reduction as an aspect of their corporate culture

  • ELEVATE: increase employee productivity and efficiency

Joanna has one-hour and two-hour R.I.S.E. presentation modules designed specifically for current Vistage companies and member meetings. 

More information specifically for Vistage companies coming soon!

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Bringing yoga (and/or meditation) to your business is a great benefit for your employees, and is already being implemented by many progressive businesses. Yoga can be beneficial for stress reduction leadership training, as well as overall physical wellness.  Combined, the invitation of yoga at your workplace can positively impact office culture, performance, and costs. Joanna offers a range of practices to bring to your company, and can base the practice on your employees’ needs. Benefits of corporate yoga may include:

  • improved focus under stress/deadlines

  • increased morale

  • decreased fatigue and back pain

  • improved strength, leading to improved posture and decreased chronic pain

  • lower healthcare costs due to improved physical well-being

  • increased productivity and efficiency

To bring Joanna to your office or event for yoga & meditation, contact her today for information on pricing and scheduling availability.

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